The illiterates of 21st Century will not be those who can’t read and write… but rather those who can’t learn, unlearn… and relearn ~ Alvin Toffler

Time has gone for controlling others, restraining them and restricting them and micro-managing your most valuable resources. The era of controlling others, not only makes life harder for you, but you get much less in return than you could.

To be successful today you must learn to see possibilities that others don’t see, you become key partner in serving the team and in turn being served by them and be ready and courageous to create and tear down, build and destroy what seems permanent. Join the webinar to learn and understand the skills required to cruise through 21st century dynamic environment and stay ahead of competition around.

Join us for our 20th Webinar Training on  “Management Skills for 21st Century

- a panel discussion

DATE: SATURDAY, January 30, 2021 | TIME: 3PM

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