Start-up IncubCenter

Startup is the buzz words of today’s era.

Everybody is dreaming about something.

Everybody is aspired to create an individual horizon.
Everybody is inspired to let the world know about their existence.

So many individuals, corporate, government agencies, banks and what’s not are there to help you out. There are domain experts. They have history of helping people. You are not alone.

What we do?

With the experience of handling 650+ small business owners and making them successful, Mr. Goyal is accustomed to handling the inspiration and aspiration of first time entrepreneurs.

First time entrepreneurs are different. While they are inspired, there lies element of fear underneath as well. They are aspired to be successful but they are afraid of failure as well.

With 27+ years of business experience, you are in the safe hands to give wings to your dreams. Your dream will be realized. You will be able to visualize your dream and handful of action plan to start working on your dreams. Being experienced, you will be able to take guidance on nitty-gritties of every aspect to actualize your dreams.

As required, you will be helped with Viability Test to writing Business Plan, setting up Legal identity & branding, financial knowledge & requirement, setting up hiring process and recruitment, building adequate online & offline strategy and what’s not. You will be amazed & shocked to see the checklist.

IncubCenter dooesn’t and will not have set service menu for every individual. Every human is unique. So are their dreams. Every individual need will first be understood and then presented with curated solutions for specific needs.