Set up your automated manpower hiring process

Erekrut is a boon while you are hiring candidates during Covid19 times. It helps you in setting up the automated manpower hiring process. You can upload your questions - category wise, quizzes, quiz for tele/video interview (Recruiter Quiz), provisional offer letters and eligibility badges.

Your requirement for talent acquisition will vary from time to time and might increase suddenly, but your recruitment team size remains the same and you are expected to always do the job effectively. Manually screening of resumes is the most time consuming part and more so when most of them are unqualified.

Using customised assessments, you can filter out candidates not matching to your personality and aptitude traits besides technical requirements. That too can happen instantly. If you have 1000 candidates lined up, you can shortlist them in less than a day's time.

From your desk, before you plan to meet, Erekrut allows you to mark them using the Recruiter Quiz feature after meeting them virtually i.e. video / telephonic interviews and filter them as per your past experience.

You are left with high quality shortlisted candidates for on boarding and induction. Maybe without moving out of your office cabin!

Look forward to seeing you at Erekrut. Start Erekruting Now! Let's make hiring easy!

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