PeBCG will bring the professionals with rich experience and active involvement in the new age business environment to workout on challenging issues and resolve them with newer and innovative thinking. We will match the right kind of professionals who will help and drive transformation required in the current environment.

Our endeavor will be to build result oriented relationships, and provide competitive edge to our clients.


Understand the Challenge

The biggest problem today business owners facing is to identify and isolate the problem. We will help in isolating the problems and build hierarchy to resolve them according to boost the core process strength and your bottom line.


Analyze the Problem

The session will explore the problems and possible cause around them and the urgency of addressing them. Will also identify the problems which may have larger impact on operations and bottom line.

Meeting the Core Team

After identifying the problems, we would like to meet the core team and discuss their opinions and issues to understand the bottleneck within the system.

Domain Dynamics

Exploring the domain helps in understanding the core issues. It helps to define & address issues with different perspective.

Wants & Needs

Once the problem is analysed, we will go through the needs & wants of your company. There may be some hidden road-blocks. Most of time Awareness and Goal alignment also leads to unnecessary problems.

Explore Solutions with Team

Any given point, the doctor and patient should understand each other and cooperate. Likewise, your Team is the best judge to discuss the proposed solutions. Sometimes, if required, surgeries may also be proposed to mitigate the issues and explore the possibilities of newer solutions.

Resources & Team

Once the solution is discussed, to experiment the newer solutions, specific team and resources will be identified. Training and evaluation process will be explained within a window period best-fit to the experiment.

Reviews, Alternations and Closure

With in the given time frame, through the reviews, modifications, together we will progress towards the closure. In case, results don't meet the expectations, the process will be reviewed with newer perspectives created during the experiments.

Let's help you!