Welcome to Panacea eBiz Consulting Group (PeBCG)

After serving the vocational skilling domain for almost 27 years, our Founder, Ravinder Goyal thought of sharing the learning & his vivid experience with business community. Learning & experiences of training of students and franchise partners, delivering seminars, building training techniques, certification programs, technological solutions, financing and other area of has added enormous in his entrepreneurial journey

He established PeBCG in 2019, with an aim to focus on few areas, mainly Coaching, Online Solutions & Projects, Mentoring the Start-Ups, providing assistance in Fund Raising & conducting events to felicitate people and bring up issues to resolve the unsolved.

We are starting with Recruitment Automation under Online Solutions & Projects followed by learning portal. Many more solutions and projects are conceived and will be launched in due course of time. We are also working on developing a full-fledged High-End Fashion Portal.

Besides his trainings, he mastered over time, through PeBCG, Business Consulting Clinic concept is launched wherein business owners can come and discuss their issues and can become a part of lateral thinking process on their problems. Also business owners will be connected to Experts of their domains, if required. The service will be provided without any long term commitment similar to any health clinic.

Moving further, The Start-Up IncubCentre will help young entrepreneurs evolve their ideas and make them see their dreams coming true. The entire support system will be based on one window facilitation model and shall include all the possible support required.

Given the pass connect of Mr. Goyal with HNI groups and Venture & Equity Investors, PeBCG will bring fund raising & financing solution of the businesses. PeBCG will work as match makers to bring investor as per the needs of the business owners.

As we grow, we look forward to evolve further in holistic way to become an indispensible part of growth of business ecosystem.

Modern technology is developing at breakneck speed in all spheres of our lives and everything is getting connected and interconnected. Technology is embedding in our day-to-day lives. Technology intervention is not only benefiting efficiency but also impacting the economic benefits and human efforts.

Sooner or later, the era is not far where humans will coexist with AI fitted devices / robots and will be able to switch to the AI processes seamlessly.  PeBCG is an effort to explore the opportunities to use technology for making corporate life easier and embedding the automation wherever possible.

Our Founder

PanaceaeBiz Consulting Group is Founded by Ravinder Goyal, a veteran in vocational skilling with 25+ years of experience. He has a significant trajectory in terms of his contribution to the skilling ecosystem. He is a technology entrepreneur with 25+ years of leadership experience in the IT training & services industry with consistent success in achieving the goals with extensive experience of building businesses.  Owing to his contribution in education & training industry, he was awarded with Gem of India Award in 2002 and also won the “Roll of Honour in the Skills Champion: Emerging Warrior” adjudged by FICCI Skills Champion of India Award-2012. He also received “Certificate of Approval” in 2009 by Constantinus Club and Austrian Professional Association of Management Consultancy & IT in “Constantinus International” category for his C-Connect online education management project. This was termed as First Non- European Entry.